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Founder, Registered DietitianLicensed Nutritionist

Angela Gallagher, RDN,LDN

 Expert in nutrition, weight & lifestyle management - leading the way to improved health outcomes using food, nutrition & lifestyle changes backed by science & personalized for you.


Originally from Colombia, South America, Jenniffer is a bilingual soon-to-be registered dietitian currently completing the last weeks of her Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition degree and 1200-plus-hour internship through Keiser University. She has over twelve years of experience working in healthcare, loves the impact that she has been able to make on her patients, and is eager to make an even greater impact as a dietitian. 

Her passion for learning about the power of nutrition and lifestyle and the impact it has on health was fueled by her mother’s cancer diagnosis in 2008. She has since then made it her life’s purpose to try to inspire and empower others about how proper nutrition can help them live not only longer but also happier and healthier lives. 

In her free time, Jenniffer loves cooking, traveling, reading, dancing, yoga, gardening, relaxing, and spending time with her husband, Dan, dog, Sam, and all the special people in her life. 

Jenniffer’s goal is to work in private practice. She strongly believes that health is a journey and that it is important to make the time to get to know all clients individually and understand their unique goals in order to best serve and guide them. She hopes that through her life’s journey she can help inspire others on theirs.

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