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Welcome to Moe's!

Yes, my kids love Moe's.  Rarely does a week go by that we don't enjoy taco Tuesday in the comfort of our own home & the occasional trip to the kids' favorite spot for nachos is a big hit.  The girls share a veggie nacho and their brother enjoys the beans and rice. 

You may be wondering what the nutritionist chooses at a fast food taco joint???  Well, here it is, nutritional breakdown and all!

Sometimes it's shared, today it was 100% consumed by yours truly.  And yes, I enjoyed every bite .... guilt free!  

I passed on the tortilla chips alongside the meal & opted to take them home in a to go bag as I was completely satisfied & hunger banished from the steak burrito bowl without rice (small scoop of beans) with lots of veggies & guacamole 👍 

Proof positive that dining out can be consumed in moderation and mindfully. 

What are your tricks & tips for eating out?  Do you use nutrition info provided from restaurants to make your food choices?  Knowledge is power ⭐️

Stay Hungry for Health friends!

Xo, angela

P.s.  Check out our lifestyle blog at Hungry for More  ⭐️

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