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Stop the Diet Cycle and Get on Track for Long-Term Results

Have you tried a million different diets, read countless books, followed all of the latest health gurus and blogs, tried this and that pill or powder just to wrap up the year confused, frustrated, and exhausted? Did you then start the year again with last year’s New Year’s resolution? If so, I am so glad that you have arrived at Hungry for Health. With 20 years of expertise in the field of nutrition helping people just like you, we can help you put a stop to this cycle and get on track with a plan that works for you, and not just for this year, but for life.

If you want to end this year healthier, happier, empowered, and inspired to start another year of health and positive results,

you have come to the right place

How we can help you. Through the years, we have seen the diet trends come and go and have coached our clients through these cycles using evidence-based and proven approaches that are safe, effective, satisfying, sustainable, and most important of all, tailored to each client’s unique nutrition needs and health goals. Whether you are looking for nutrition counseling to control diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, thyroid issues, or digestive issues, or to meet healthy weight goals, we can provide the medical nutrition therapy (MNT), counseling, and coaching that you need to reach real results.

We want to be your accountability partner on

your personal health journey

People often ask us, “Does insurance cover nutrition counseling?” Most insurance companies cover medical nutrition therapy with a licensed and registered dietitian for people who have diabetes or kidney disease; however, depending on your benefits, your insurance may cover more. Whether your insurance provides coverage or not, we want to offer you a nutrition counseling and lifestyle package that works within your budget.

Why work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)? Putting your health in the hands of someone who is qualified and uses safe and effective evidence-based practices matters and has even proven to be the difference between life and death at times. Anyone can call themselves a "nutritionist", but working with a RDN ensures that you are working with an expert who holds at a very minimum a four-year degree from an accredited and specialized nutrition and dietetics program, has completed an extensive 1,200-hour supervised practice program, has passed a rigorous registration exam, and depending on the state, such as Florida, is licensed and insured to practice. Additionally, RDNs are required to maintain continuing education and licensure and often hold additional certifications in a variety of specialty areas of nutrition.

RDNs have invested years in their education

and are committed to your health

Too busy to make it to our office? That’s okay! We know life gets hectic, and sometimes we just want to be home or on the go. Let us come to you via our HIPAA-compliant virtual tele-health platform, Healthie. All you need is 1) an internet connection to connect with us through the Healthie site or app, 2) comfy clothes, and 3) your favorite chair at home or wherever you are. It is that easy.

We would love to talk to you to learn how we can help you achieve your personal health needs and goals and start on a journey of long-term success and health. To easily book a consultation, click here to schedule your appointment with Hungry for Health.

We are so happy that you found us and

look forward to hearing from you!

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